Neil Siskind’s Poetry

Thy Deeds Be Harbingers

I hear how thee beg me to hearken,
and thou may prefer me one prone to forget,
but my mind’s eye is my clearest, and I watch with it closely-
methinks it is my best vision yet.

And just like an old woman who is sewing by rote,
next stitch known without needing to ask-
too, a man’s prior acts portend what he’ll next do
as he encounters each forthcoming task.

I need not ask thee what thy behavior will be,
deeds, heretofore, stop my question unformed-
I know thee wilt do what thee hast done twice and thrice-
and thus I am prospectively warned!

By watching thy patterns and repetitive acts,
I can elect what to love and expel;
I watch to decipher
what thee dost wish me not see-
and I’m aware of thy most subtle tell.

My trust and my lenience thou dost seek and request,
but why entertain what I know will not be?
I judge not from within, but decide from the proof,
which, to my mind, is quite elementary, you see.

Thou prefer me agree with closed eyes I’ll go forth,
as if our contact has just first begun-
but, alas- I can’t act as the harbingers of what thee wilt do
are not what thee already hast done!


Thy Deeds Be Harbingers © 2018 Neil Siskind