COVID-19: Why Can’t Government (or Anyone) Ever Begin by Pursuing the Easiest Possible Answers to Problems?

Here’s are 5 things we know, for sure, among other things, about COVID-19:

  1. High temperatures kill the virus outside the body
  2. UV light kills the virus outside the body ??
  3. The largest states and countries do not have the most COVID-19 cases or deaths.
  4. The states and countries having more cases and deaths than the states and countries with the largest populations have cold damp winters, while those largest states and countries are warm weather countries with lots of sunshine (Florida, Nigeria, Texas, India).
  5. The groups of people having the most COVID-19 cases and deaths are the same groups known to have the most vitamin D deficiencies (seniors and African Americans/dark skinned Hispanics)

So, where are the conclusive studies- one way or the other- on these matters?

Where are the tests of COVID-19 patients showing their respective vitamin D levels?

Where is any evidence to disprove that high temperatures and high UV index levels suppress the contagiousness and spread of this disease between and among people in high temperature communities- as long as they respect social distancing and hand washing guidelines to a reasonable degree, and they are not heavy on senior citizens or African Americans?

Where is the public outcry for government (W.H.O., C.D.C, D.H.S, N.I.H.) and private industry to answer the question, with definiteness and finality: “Does a plethora of sunshine, high UV radiation light levels and/or vitamin D sufficiency prevent transmission of COVID-19 throughout communities where people properly social distance and regularly wash their hands?

Seems like a, relatively, easy experiement to conduct.

While having fewer cases and fewer deaths than several colder states, are California, Texas, and Florida only even in the top ten due to their sheer sizes (and, in the case of Florida, due to its high senior citizen population, and in the case of California, because of the high number of Asian tourists)?

While having fewer cases and deaths than several colder countries, are Nigeria, India, and Brazil only even in the top ten due to their sheer sizes (and in the case of Brazil, its refusal to properly social distance or stay at home)?

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