Practical Debt Tips From THE SISKIND LAW FIRM

Practical Debt Management Tips
For Debtors- It’s far easier to negotiate & settle a debt “before” a lawsuit is served on you, & before a judgment is filed against you or your company. If you’re communicating & cooperating w/ a creditor, it encourages the creditor to hold-off on legal action. Due to the recent events, courts are moving much more slowly.
Courts need “people” to operate- judges, clerks, jurors … so, normal operations are hampered. Thus, creditors are interested in “settling” to get, at least, “some” of their money- knowing how long a legal process may take.
Take proper action sooner than later.
For Creditors- If you are owed money, you want to encourage your debtor/client/customer to respond to your payment demand, & you want to get paid before the debtor pays other creditors first, or files bankruptcy. If you’re not getting a response, retain an attorney to exhibit your determination to get paid- now.
Commercial Collections
Distressed Asset Investing

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