Neil Siskind’s Poetry

Old and Cold

A weaker mind with stronger will,
his wayward thoughts are lined with ill,
anger, age, combine for truth,
rage ensues, with words in proof.

Youth of hope, but life of real,
imagined wealth with guts of steel,
dreams abound and thoughts aloft-
sure he’d conquer all and oft.

All men’s envy, he would reap
admirers a million deep;
short he fell for what he longed-
right in sow, in reap was wronged.

In daytime dreams a wealthy man,
but flaws would sink his crafted plan,
ventures stank with people’s rot-
efforts stymied, plot by plot.

Fiction falters, facts prevail
from storied battles, absent fail-
such stories, little more than tales,
where all the minnows, blubbered whales.

In his heart, the buried parts-
love and money – fits and starts,
with all the pressures life invokes,
the nightmare life of common folks.

Old age closer, father time
feeds upon a bitter mind.
Age can balance bring a soul-
but also ache of growing hole.

A lover’s heart, once warm and sweet,
stone-cold now, as if concrete.
Aging soul, once brash and bold,
survived … alive – but old and cold.

Neil Siskind’s Poetry

Warm in the Cold

I dress for the air that is frigid and brisk
I’m layered with thought, to avoid any risk
The frost and the flakes hardly breach my defense
The wind I can’t block is what makes me most tense
I’ve prepared best I can as the winter takes hold
I prepare- toes to hair- to stay warm in the cold

Neil Siskind’s Poetry

With Camilla’s Pain

The two of you live side by side
you love her not- or surely lied
your words provide a lover’s leads
but oft don’t match a lover’s deeds

You love me or you love me not?
This love to grow- or left to rot?
What is it that you’d have me do-
but lay with blokes I dream are you?

Your words and cards and gifts and jewels
perhaps believed by greater fools!
I haven’t heard your voice for days
I seek the exits from this maze!

I wait here with Camilla’s pain
as my lover speaks another’s name
the chance you’ll leave her, getting slim
’til then I sleep with lesser ‘him’