The Phillips Curve: Powell Said Nothing New- by NEIL SISKIND

The suggestions that Chairman Powell said something earthshaking before Congress this week when he conceded that the Phillips curve may have become irrelevant, are way overdone. Powell has made many such references in the past. Here’s a quote out of the Chairman from an FOMC meeting press conference last December. Powell has been suggesting the death of the Phillips curve for some time.

Powell- December, 2018-

“I do expect … wage increases will continue, and that will be a welcome development. Wage increases do not need to be inflationary. There are examples in the late 1990s … we had wage increases above productivity plus inflation, we did not have high inflation. So it would be welcome … I would expect wages will keep moving up. It doesn’t necessarily mean inflation … we don’t think about it that way.”

Powell’s statement from December is, actually, “more” dismissive of the Phillips curve than his statements made in his testimony this past week where he said that the natural rate of unemployment is probably lower than we thought, and that “at some point”, if unemployment went low enough, there “would” be wage pressures & general price inflation (which seems to contradict, or, at least, dial-back, his December, 2018 statement).


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