The Reason That “Snap” Keeps Snapping Along- By: NEIL SISKIND

As executive turnover at Snaps continues in a concerning way, revenues are rising, active user numbers are stabilizing, youth use is growing, losses are narrowing, and an android design is expanding.

So, ask yourself: What is the one constant at Snap as it’s numbers in all categories continue to improve?

Even Spiegel. [1]

The more the numbers improve, the greater the likelihood that Snap is acquired by a large media or technology company- especially as it convinces the market that it is not competing with Instagram and offers so much more in the way of  unique services and innovations for users.



[1]. Ask yourself: As Facebook goes from the accusation of the initial idea for Facebook being ripped-off, to the accusation of it ripping-off Snap’s ideas, to the accusations of misappropriating user date, what is the one constant at Facebook through it all:

Mark Zuckerberg


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