Venture Capital Available For Environmental Consulting And Related Services

Up to $10,000.00 equity capital available, plus free legal services (if in N.Y.S.), marketing and branding assistance, and general business management services (for a total venture investment package of approximately $150,000.00), for environmental consulting and planning and related service start-ups (or existing businesses).

To qualify for an investment, upon funding* your company’s objective must be to provide one or more of the following environmental services for commercial, residential, or farming projects:

  • Consulting
  • Advising
  • Testing & Evaluating
  • Planning
  • Government Applications, Permits, And Meetings
  • Conservation And Natural Resource Surveying
  • Soil, Air, Land, Rock, And Water Consulting and/or Testing
  • Storage Consulting
  • Horticultural Advisory Services
  • Project Management And Oversight
  • Natural Resource Management
  • wetland Consulting
  • Wildlife Management and
  • Restorations
  • Regulatory
  • Ecological Studies

Use of Capital:
Capital ideally to be used for sales and marketing and/or necessary equipment.
*Funds will be provided on an as-needed basis for the intended and agreed uses of capital.

To be eligible for a venture investment, those seeking a capital investment must have a PhD level degree in applicable sciences (or the highest level of degree available in a particular area of science, or be a certified ecologists or geologists). Published work in legitimate and respected publication helpful. Real world experience and references helpful.

Contact Neil Siskind at to discuss your start-up business or existing company’s needs.


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