Avis Car Rental Cheats Me Again This Weekend

My problems with Avis Rent A Car continue. I was mailed a coupon for a free rental- based on the large amount of money I have spent with Avis. I reserved the car- by telephone- and they sent me a receipt and confirmation by email. I walked into the rental center at 310 E. 64th Street, with the confirmation, and the manager would not honor the rental. Instead of “free” per the confirmation, he said it will be $182.00. He went further to say that the free rental plus tax of $14.55 is just an “estimate”, and the actual rate is $182.00.00 (it was a like a quick trip to Pluto- all the other customers and employees in the store saw my confirmation and agreed with me … of course they did- I had the confirmation from Avis- there was nothing in dispute).

(I ended up getting the free rental after a horror of a morning).

Avis is perhaps the worst large company service I have ever seen. They booked me a reservation and then their location manager would not honor it. How much worse than that can service be?


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