There Is No “Conundrum”- By NEIL SISKIND

Former Fed Chairmen Greenspan and Bernanke talked about, and still talk about a “conundrum”, where long term rates fail to follow the target Fed funds rate higher. But, there is no conundrum. Rising interest rates will cause business costs to rise, earnings to decline, and multiples to compress for those reasons, and because Treasury yields and money markets become more competitive with less risk. This would make asset values decline. It’s quite simple.

When you raise interest rates and reverse excess liquidity that has been used to fuel asset bubbles, rather than to raise incomes, of course, if you withdraw that liquidity multiples and values will compress- if not crash.

Once upon a time, business growth led to wage growth. Many factors have changed that- the size of companies in industries stomping out competition for labor, globalized work forces, and Technology so that people can shop for the same products from multiple vendors in multiple places, rather than only those within proximity of the home or office.

The economics of product sales and labor have changed. It’s that simple. Liquidity makes the big get bigger, and the cheap products get more scale and get cheaper, and labor is from all over the world (like products), and the scale that develops leaves less players in each industry, so they control wages by reducing competition for workers.

Businesses, to compete with China and other nations that lack labor rights and decent wages, explore the world to push down labor costs, not increase them, and to “scale” their customer bases to push down prices and labor costs.

If incomes are not causing growth, but, rather, liquidity is the cause of growth by allowing people with stagnant wages to buy homes at low interest rates, by providing companies the fuel to grow without raising wages, by people using cheap money to buy and sell assets that are supposed to be connected to incomes- like homes, then higher rates will not slow down the things that should cause growth- like incomes- but, rather, will deflate assets that have grown only due to liquidity being passed around by banks.

Liquidity is used for different reasons than in the past. Individuals to increase incomes, and institutions for profit, borrow cheap money to make homes into stocks and bonds and trade on them.

Higher interest rates no longer reflect growing price and income inflation- which is why bond investors won’t choose to buy stocks and commodities as interest rates rise- because there is little inflation in the prices in those places. The inflation is in the assets that have built-up from the imbalance between incomes and assets and lop-sided growth that rewards stock holders, but not labor.


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