The Truth About President Trump And N. Korea- By NEIL SISKIND

President Trump has been concerned about China’s policies and economic activities and their affects on our economic interests for many years. Since being inaugurated as President, President Trump has had a target on China due to its growing economic, political, and technological powers, and its trade and currency activities, all to the detriment, or possible detriment, or potential detriment, of the United States. China is a major competitor to the United States, and, for the Trump administration, a major long-term threat to the United States’ position as the world’s foremost superpower.

The interaction and negotiations with North Korea is all about China. Just like Iraq in the Middle East, North Korea is a location where the United States wants a foothold (if not a stronghold) that provides us the proximity with which to monitor a threat to our security; in this case, China. Location, location, location. If Korea was in the Caribean, do you think the President

People are wondering why President Trump is being lenient, and amicable, with and towards North Korea. It’s because the Trump administration, in my own estimation, has decided that we need influence in and over North Korea, as leverage over China. President Trump’s showdown with Kim Jong-un has never been, primarily, about nuclear weapons. I think that for the President and his administration, this has always been about China, first and foremost, (just a few days after the Summit with North Korea in Singapore, with the confidence of what President Trump claimed was a success in developing a relationship and a soft agreement with North Korea, and, with the confidence of such, the President signed-off on billions of dollars in tariffs on China’s exports to the U.S.).  I don’t think that President Trump is up all night fretting about North Korea’s nuclear program. But, I do think that he is up all night worried about China’s growing power in the world and it challenge to U.S. dominance and security and stability.

The urgency and willingness with North Korea is all about proximity and location. Can you imagine the U.S. having a major threat to its economic and military ambitions right on our own border? We have Mexico on our border, and look how that drives the President up the wall (or, to build a wall, as it were). This is about valuable real estate.

If you’re not thinking that President Trump’s ambitions in North Korea are all about his ambitions in China … then you’re not thinking. The moment the Singapore Summit ended, Trump went right to work on China.

President Trump has been using U.S. strength and the demand for “denuclearization”, or else”, as leverage to get control over North Korea because of its strategic location from where the United States can better monitor China (and Russia), without an intervening unfriendly nuclear threat (such as having N. Korea as an intervening power between our friend, South Korea, and China). To the degree that it is about nuclear weapons, it is as much about keeping those weapons, and North Korea, out of China’s reach and control. North Korea offers the United States prime real estate due to its shared border and direct geographic link with China. Location, location, location. Likewise, Kim Jong-un’s use of nuclear weapons is a red herring to get something he wants from the United States- money.

Yes, folks … as shocking as it is- this is all about money and power.

President Trump has succeeded in getting a mad dictator into a dialogue with an enemy nation across the world (us)- as opposed to with its own neighbors. How could the U.S. have done this without the threat of war? It could not have. President Trump found the leverage to handle an impossible scenario and get an enemy to the bargaining table without really giving him anything that can’t be reversed.

For some reason, many in the press think that President Trump achieved and accomplished nothing in his meeting with Kim Jong-un. For the press, everything should happen in public so they can write a story, or else there is some sort of failure. The press wants a headline: “President Trump Signs Historic Deal In a Day” or “President Trump Fails In Singapore”. But, you can’t have a business deal or a political deal without a relationship on which such is predicated.

If I can play armchair psychologist for a moment, I think that President Trump is able to relate to Kim Jong-Un because he identifies with him. First, they are both rebels who operate outside of “the system”, outside of acceptable norms, and value great individual power through charisma and force of will. It is the same reason that Trump identifies with Vladimir Putin. He respects that modus operandi. But, with Jong-un, it goes even deeper. Trump identifies with a young man, who, like Trump, inherited a great empire from his father and grandfather, and commenced on a propaganda and marketing program to establish his own individual career and brand and identity, and to establish himself as a power separate from, and perhaps, greater than, his father. Further, Kim Jong-un, Like Trump, has engaged in building beautiful buildings throughout Pyongyang to establish and prove his strength and power; and, he’s gone into a lot of debt and financial turmoil doing that, and is now reaching-out for financial help … just like Trump did with his father when Trump Taj Majal was crumbling, and his debt burden was growing. Trump and Jong-un may have had similar, privileged childhoods, with constant demands and/or challenges to be their own men. They both lob bombs and take risky actions first, and ask questions later, which is typical of highly-privileged children with senses of entitlement. They use their inherited resources to control things. Trump and Jong-un would not be the first people to bond over the pressures of difficult and controlling and highly accomplished fathers. So, Trump’s implied message to Jong-un may be, “Trust me. I get it. I understand”.

But, maybe the news media doesn’t understand.

Perhaps the news media wanted the President to meet with Jong-un and lead the dialogue with a Godfather-like “offer he couldn’t refuse” so that the press could further its characterization of the President as a global antagonist and practicing isolationist.

President Trump negotiated and executed the meeting in Singapore with excellence. He can hardly explain his negotiation strategy or ultimate plan to the press, while, or before, executing upon it. He literally explained to the world during his Presidential campaign that he would not be warning his enemies that, and how, he was coming at them. So, what’s the surprise? President Trump has succeeded in his clear and vital objective of commencing a potentially productive dialogue with a mortal enemy that can provide us with a way to help keep China in check with U.S. access to North Korea’s strategically located real estate adjacent to China. Location, location, location.

Ultimately, we may likely have an Iran nuclear deal type of agreement, where we, the United States, pay North Korea a great deal of money for nuclear disarmament- and access to the closed-off nation. I, frankly, wouldn’t be shocked if North Korea gets to keep some of its nukes or nuclear development capabilities in exchange for a U.S. military base on the land or just off the coast of North Korea so that we can be in arms reach (proverbially and militarily) of China and Russia. Location, location, location. The more money we give to North Korea, the more access and control we will have over China’s next-door neighbor.

I’m confident that North Korea’s commercial potential as a location for real estate, hotel, and casino development so close to China and Russia, and all that Chinese and Russian money, with the United States getting the first-crack at such development opportunities (with debt or equity) has not been lost on Donald Trump- if not for his own benefit, then for future Trump generations, or, at least, for American developers and operators, in general. Trump knows that China and emerging Asia are the fastest growth markets in the world. He wants to fight … and he wants to join it.

For Donald, Trump, it’s a real estate deal, and it goes like this:

“We want access to and use of your land, with a restrictive covenant that you can’t build or maintain nuclear weapons. How much will this cost?”.

Successfully achieving access, and, possibly, someday, use and development of land directly connected to China, in exchange for payments to North Korea- a permanent land use or development option, if you will- would certainly be Donald Trump’s best real estate deal, yet.


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