We Are In A World War- And It’s Not On The Internet- by NEIL SISKIND

The world is in a war. The great powers- The United States, Russia, and China- are in a great battle over the soul, land, and loyalty of N. Korea.

You can be sure that N. Korea is in heavy negotiations with China and Russia using back channels and behind the scenes to make sure it gets itself the best financial and strategic deal possible for the next hundred years. President Trump and the United States may be N. Korea’s best option … or its best bargaining chip.

It makes me think of the scene between Michael Corleone and Moe Green in Las Vegas in “I” when Moe says to Michael, “[Y]ou think you can come to Las Vegas and push me out? I spoke to Barzini; I can make the deal with him and still keep my casino”.

Maybe Kim Jong-un can make a deal with another nation … where he can still keep his nuclear weapons.



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