Ben Bernanke Is “Almost” Right- By NEIL SISKIND

The former Chairman noted that in this late stage of the economic cycle, fiscal stimulus can be inflationary- causing prices to rise and interest rates to rise. But he failed to note that inflation will not be the ultimate problem. While costs rise, wages are not rising. The economic fall-off will not be due to rising costs and rates, alone. It will be due to wages not keeping up with these increases.

Declines in housing prices (and other real estate values, such as shopping centers and strip malls) due to the above will be the cause for “Wile E. Coyote” moment.

All that said, “if” capex by businesses en masse occurs, and “if” this can push wages higher (and remember that capex can help cause input costs and commodities prices to go even higher, causing consumer product prices to go even higher) then that will help put off the Wile E. Coyote moment- perhaps, for quite some time.

Mr. Bernanke may be correct that fiscal stimulus will lead to inflation, which will lead to deflation. But, he failed to note that stagnant wages and a real estate crash will be the real culprits- not just higher product prices, alone. In this sense, Alan Greenspan was a bit more accurate in noting that stagflation (prices rising without growth) and asset inflation (in houses), and a bond bubble (low interest rates) are the major problems and risks.

Mr. Bernanke also failed to note that we could have gone off the cliff already after years of QE and the reversal of it that is taking place as the Fed, simultaneously, raises the Fed funds target rate. While the fiscal stimulus may be putting-off the inevitable … it is putting it off, nonetheless.


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