LeBron James: Where Will “Cavalier King James” Go Next?- By NEIL SISKIND

Now that the Houston Rockets have shown that they, too, are vulnerable to the Golden State Warrior dynasty, they need a plan. Plan A would be to be sure that Chris Paul stays healthy. But, of course, that is impossible to plan. Plan B is to have an alternative option to Chris Paul on the court with James Harden in the event that Paul is injured, or resting, or having a bad night. Also hard to do, based on Paul’s excellence. Unless, of course, Plan B is Cavalier King, “LeBron James”.

Why would LeBron want to go to the Rockets?

Why would he not?

LeBron has to look at the next two years of his career as ones where he “MUST” win. He is 32 years of age. By 34, he will begin to decline. Perhaps, it will be more like 35 or 36- who knows? He must make a successful and correct career move “now” to enhance his legacy and prospects of winning more championships before he is too old to dictate his own terms with regard to money, teammates, and cities. He needs to get as close as he can get to a sure thing.

Cleveland is not an option- which is unfortunate, because “ideally”, a superstar plays in only one or two places during his career. But, that does not always happen. Moreover, LeBron actually left Cleveland and went back. So, to leave again, does not look great.

But, Cleveland and the NBA are leaving LeBron with no choice.

The age of the “superteam”, which, arguably, was started by LeBron James with his move to Miami to play side by side with Duane Wade and Chris Bosh, is forcing LeBron to join or create a new superteam. Superteams have existed all throughout NBA history. But many of them were organically created, rather than contrived by moving numerous pieces into one location.

The Warriors are unbeatable. If Kevin Durant had not joined Golden State, they would be beatable. They could be beaten by the Rockets and by the Cavaliers, and Golden State knew it (at least with regard to the Cavaliers; Chris Paul was not yet on Houston at the time of the Durant trade). The Warriors players saw that writing on the wall, and successfully lured Durant to the team- which has resulted in great success- and two championships.

What are LeBron’s options if he wants one or two more “chips”?:

Stay in Cleveland with his team composed as-is?


Stay in Cleveland and hope to win with Kevin Love, J.R. Smith, Kyle Korver, and whomever he can bring to the team, such as Paul George?


Go to another team with young players who have great potential, like the Lakers or the 76ers, and bring along Paul George and Kawhi Leonard to create a new superteam?


Go to the Houston Rockets, which needs one more element (and is the only team that can say such) to assure that they can and will defeat the Warriors (as they would have done this year with a healthy Chris Paul), and help a team that has world-class 3-point shooters, world-class point guards, young players, great defense, a great record, and a very successful playoff season, but is still in need of that final piece on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball to “guarantee” success?

Of course.

The Rockets are on fire and the state of Texas is on fire. Texas is a bigger and sexier market these days than even California- and we know LeBron will not go to the Knicks or the Nets or the Celtics. (There is a very small possibility that the other Texas team, the San Antonio Spurs, along with Leonard and George, is also on LeBron’s short list, and that would be because Leonard is already there, and, of course, because of Pop.)

LeBron would not be “selling-out” by going to the Rockets. The Warriors, with all their fire power and success, still recruited Kevin Durant. As for Durant, he went with the winners who were already winning- and made them even bigger winners. That’s life. That’s business. And that’s basketball. In the case of the Rockets, unlike with Durant and the Warriors, they haven’t even won, yet. Moreover, LeBron went to the Cavaliers, among other reasons, to play with Kyrie Irving, who, abruptly, left Cleveland and LeBron without fair or sufficient warning. According to LeBron, he asked Cleveland’s management to refrain from making the Irving trade.

Houston, Texas with the Houston Rockets …why would Cavalier King James take his talents anywhere else?


Sports writers: If you’re going to use my Cavalier King James moniker for LeBron, please have the decency to credit me.


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