There is an old saying in business: “All press is good press”.

I’ve never believed that saying. Maybe it’s good for a movie star, who will take any visibility he or she can get. But when it comes to consumers- you can’t annoy the hell out of them, or offend them.

Kars4kids does nothing more than harass, annoy and bother me.. by TV, by radio, by music … the commercials are my nightmare. I shut them off immediately.

As far as that old saying above … I remember the company “well”, and I would never give money to this organization. It’s one thing to do charity and goodwill- it ‘s another to bother people over and over and over for it.

Let’s not forget …  executives of nonprofits only make money if the organization raises enough money from which it can take salaries. It’s not just about charity. These are businesses.

I do not even know what this organization does or who or what cause it supports- and I don’t care. If it’s a good cause, I would seek out any other organization supporting that cause and donate my money there, instead.

It’s one thing to market a cause- it’s another to be offensive and bothersome when asking for money or selling a product. Enough is enough at a certain point.


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