LOL- Now Jim Cramer is Bullish on Snap After Making A Joke About An Article I Wrote

Jim Cramer has been knocking Snap for a year – and, just like how he had been telling investors to buy stocks with both hands right before the crash- he’s been wrong. I wrote an article noting Jim Cramer’s unfair negative bias where I said that we will soon see Snap… crackle … and pop!

The next day, on TV, Cramer spoke about Snap, and, strangely, said that “Snap will snap, crackle, and pop right off the map”. Hmmm.

As we know now- Snap is killing it. And suddenly- Cramer is recommending it. Hmmm.

Nothing like a positive recommendation “AFTER” a stock goes up. Isn’t that the same kinda bogus stuff that Cramer insults analysts about doing all the time? Hmmmmm.



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