Amazon- Beyond A Monopoly

U.S. Anti-Trust laws were/are designed to protect consumers from monopolistic and anti-competitive behaviors to consumers’ detriments. The laws contemplate anti-competitive behaviors within industries. Amazon is now taking over, not an industry, but a way of life- a manner of buying products. Laws could never have contemplated what is happening. Legislation should be drafted and passed to stop what is happening- which is that the words “shopping” and “Amazon” are coming to mean one and the same thing. It would be like, 20 years ago, all of us having to not only go to the same mall to shop, but having to buy products at that mall from one company. We need laws to stop one company from owning a way of life.

That which is happening to the process of “shopping” at the hands of Amazon would be like one company owning every restaurant in which to eat because it has the scale to own all the food supplies and then sell food for the cheapest price until one day every other restaurant company is gone. And then next it happens with the medicine supply. The power of scale, because of the Internet, slowly allows one company to take over our ways of life in one respect after the next. Monopolies take away consumer choice.

So, you say, but we have a choice. We can shop elsewhere right now. But, it’s not true- or, at least, it is on a very slippery slope to becoming untrue. We can’t shop elsewhere for certain items if no one else can stay in business because of what is happening- because of the marketing, technology, and scale of Amazon. Consumer choice will suffer. Consumer choice will disappear.

Consumer choice is getting stifled because competition is getting stifled. Sure, we’ll have cheap prices- but we won’t have anywhere else to work except for Amazon because everyone else will be priced out of business. On this trajectory, Amazon would be like a socialist nation unto itself. We’ll be promised a living and food and necessities, but have no options- and even less in the way of career options in certain, or in many industries if Amazon keeps pushing retail options out of the market.

Amazon must be stopped.


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