Neil Siskind’s Poetry

A Big Empty Vase
by Neil S. Siskind


A vase-
a great giant vase with a vast empty space-
what flowers could fill a vase so immense,
a vase so intense?
With the grant of your pardon
off I’ll go to the garden
to pick violets and lavender
and white roses and lilacs-
I’ll create a bouquet that deserves such a vase-
and all will fall into place.
And the scent-
it will make this big vase wonder where that space went-
when the senses are filled will the vast space contract?
I know so- in fact,
I feel sure that a flower
will turn sweet what is sour,
I’ll pick lilies and daisies
and pink roses and tulips,
at last, although vast, this space no longer dull-
this big vase and its space will be full.


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