JonBenet Ramsey: Did Dr. Phil Crack the Case?

The surviving members of JonBenet Ramsey’s family, John, Patsy and Burke Ramsey, have long claimed that an intruder broke into their home and murdered JonBenet. There was no physical evidence, no eyewitness evidence, and no DNA evidence of any intruder in any room of the house or near any entrance or exit point of the house. Each member of the Ramsey family themselves reported to have neither seen nor heard any intruder. Yet, this was the position taken by each of the surviving Ramseys in the murder of JonBenet, and to date there has been no indictments or prosecutions of the murder. In an interview of Burke Ramsey last month as the 20th anniversary of JonBenet’s death approached, Dr. Phil asked Burke a question which Burke answered quite curiously. In fact, he answered it in a way that, in my judgment, implicated himself and his whole family.

Dr. Phil’s question: “Did you hit your sister over the head with a baseball bat or a flashlight?”

Burke Ramsey’s answer: “Absolutely not.”

Dr. Phil’s Follow-up question: “If someone in your house did, do you think you would have heard it?”

Burke’s Ramsey’s answer: “Probably…yeah.”

But someone in the house “did” hit JonBenet with a bat or a flashlight (or similar object). No matter who it was…someone, in fact, did. That’s a fact. So then Burke is saying that he heard it. He is also implicitly stating that he thinks anyone in the house during such an event that night all would have heard it. So since it did happen, then Burke heard it, by virtue of his answer, “Probably….yeah”.

Set forth as an equation:

IF JonBenet was hit over head by someone in the house THEN I would have heard it (Quote: “Probably…yeah”). Therefore SINCE JonBenet was hit over the head in the house THEN I heard it.

Since no one who was in the house when JonBenet’s was murdered said that they heard anything, then, they, by virtue of Burke’s answer, are either lying about not hearing JonBenet get hit over the head when it happened (at least Burke is lying)…or else they did it….or both.

At the very least, Burke, now, admitted, in his very own words, that he heard JonBenet get hit over the head with an object the night (or early morning) of her murder, but at the time, and ever since, he said that he heard nothing.

The likelihood is that Burke got confused by the question and did not want to say “no” to the obvious…that he would hear someone hit someone in his house over the head with an object. Burke confused the actual facts with the Dr. Phil hypothetical and accidentally answered the hypothetical factually. He said, “Yeah”…not realizing that he was implicating himself. He was admitting that he heard it….or he was admitting that if he wasn’t doing it, he would have heard it since any person in the house would hear such.

There are no two ways about this. Burke admitted, by his very own words, that he heard his sister being hit over the head….because it actually happened, and he said he would have heard it if it happened; OR he admitted he did it, because neither he nor his parents ever reported hearing something that is an uncontroverted fact- JonBenet was hit over the head while she, Burke and John and Patsy Ramsey were in the same house, and Burke said that if it happened, he (or someone in the house) would have heard it[1].

What happened here is that Burke’s strategy of deny, deny, deny….I heard nothing, saw nothing, know nothing….came back to bite him. He is so programmed to always deny doing anything other than sleeping, that he denied an undisputed fact- that JonBenet was hit over the head in the house. In Burke’s mind, he was saying that he heard and saw nothing so he therefore knows and did nothing; or he went into defense of his parents mode- as if to say that if his parents did this he would have heard it, and he heard nothing, so his parents must have done nothing. But he actually ended-up saying that he would have heard something like this if it happened and he did not hear anything, so therefore it didn’t happen- which of course makes no sense since JonBenet was hit over the head with an object in the house, regardless of who did it.

Burke accidentally stated, implicitly, that he didn’t hear anything, so he didn’t do it; and that he didn’t hear anything, so his parents didn’t do it; and that if someone did this, he probably would have heard it. But he didn’t hear it- according to his position of 20 years! So that means no one did it??  He got entangled in his own story and confused himself….which is something liars often do. Instead of denying a conclusion, theory or accusation, things to which Burke is accustomed to denying……..he denied known facts- that his sister was hit over the head in the house while he was there.

Dr. Phil should have followed up with, “Well, okay, your sister did get hit over the head with an object in the house- so you heard it? Because you just said you would have heard such”. How could Burke now say “no”? That would be a complete contradiction of what he just said- that he would hear such a thing.



[1] Burke’s facial expression, biting his lower lip with his eyes looking to the side and then downward, after he realized what he just admitted, was almost more telling and stunning than the answer itself.


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