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By: Neil Siskind, New York Lawyer

Neil Siskind is the Founder & Chairman of The Fatherhood Assignment
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Family stability is a vital foundation for a child. The childhood or teenage years without a father or father figure in one’s life is can have lasting effects on a person. Growing up in a broken home can lead a youth to drugs, crime, financial instability, undervaluing education, professional failure and a continuous cycle of these problems into subsequent generations. During my undergraduate studies in the areas of sociology and criminal justice, and my internships with county probation and prosecutor’s offices, I explored and witnessed the causes and effects of antisocial and deviant social behaviors. Children and teens with weak family structures and voids in the paternal role can be attracted and lured to alternative family structures outside of the home to fill this void, including participating in gang membership as a substitute family. Such affiliations can lead to drugs, crime and violence.

As an attorney, managing both a law practice and a legal clinic, I have handled the most personal of matters of clients from all walks of life and coming from all sorts of circumstances, and I have counseled clients on issues that have affected them throughout their lives. In my practice and in my life I have seen many cases where the lack of personal or professional success or happiness result from a childhood that lacked a positive father figure and an inability of people to overcome the void. On the other hand, I have also seen stories of great financial success of people who also lacked a father in the home as a youth. Such success was often the result of such situation, rather than despite it. This is to say, the result of a fatherless-youth lead to an inner-drive to prove self-worth. However, the underlying sadness or anger prevails in the personal life.

The Fatherhood Assignment is organized as a community-driven think tank designed to collect the knowledge of:

  1. Professionals in the areas of psychology, psychiatry, childhood development, social science and mental health;
  2. Children and teens experiencing a youth without a father due to death, abandonment or imprisonment;
  3. Adults who grew up in one of the aforesaid circumstances; and
  4. Mothers who are raising and who have raised children under such circumstance.

Our mission is to gather this data and educate men of every community on the effects that an absent father can have on the life of a young boy or girl and to encourage stable male figures to fill a void in a youth’s life by becoming a stable male presence from whom such youth can learn and on whom he or she can lean, providing him or her with purpose, a sense of belonging and self-confidence.

Our goal is to help children to avoid a life of purposelessness, rejection, emptiness, anger, underachievement and/or crime resulting from a youth without a father.

While The Fatherhood Assignment is an academic exercise by all participants to understand a problem and achieve a socially good outcome, it is also a moral assignment given to all professionally and emotionally stable men around the world to protect and assist the children in their communities who are devoid of a father in their lives.

If you are a qualified professional or someone with personal experience in this area, please contribute your knowledge or personal story so that children without fathers can be helped to stay on straight and productive paths in life through the involvement of educated, motivated and stable male role models in their lives.

Thank you for caring and for any contribution or participation on your part.

Neil Siskind, Founder & Chairman
The Fatherhood Assignment