Neil Siskind: Emails and Contract Intent

By: Neil Siskind, New York Lawyer

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Proving whether a contract exists between parties is sometimes a matter of intent. Where one party wants to show a contract was breached, such party must first show that a contract existed.

Where there is no written agreement evidencing the intent to be bound by terms- or proving “a meeting of the minds”- a party must prove that there was the intent by both parties to contract with each other.

Intent of the parties is measured by any form of writing that can be located and interpreted as a contract. Intent can also be proven by a course of conduct that had taken place between the parties consistent with a contractual relationship.

Often while both parties to a contract agree that a contract existed, they may disagree on the contract terms where this is no writing that addresses a specific issue. For example the parties may disagree as to the future prices of products or services and the contract may not address prices issues clearly-or at all. In this case, the fact-finder must determine what was intended by the parties. This can be determined by a course of conduct by the parties or by an industry standard that is on point.

In the age of email, proving parties intent can be easier than ever. Where, prior to email, parties exchanged documents or telephone calls about transactions, emails, used now by many as the primary form of communication, are written records of conversations and expectations. Proving intent is easier than ever in history because what was previously an oral communication or an unclear course of prior behavior, email provides a written trail of communications that can make it quite clear as to what the parties believed and intended.