Here’s What’s Happening In Stocks- By NEIL SISKIND

Years ago, American workers, unwittingly, exchanged wage growth for lower product prices from China. If prices rise, companies will eat the costs and have less profit, or pass them through to customers- requiring higher wages, or else it will cause demand destruction. Companies can’t afford to have lower profits from eating costs, or from raising wages. They have too much debt. They want the lower prices, and the stagnant wages, and the lower interest rates- but those parties are over, leaving a red sea behind. Crashes always come down to excess debt.

One investment strategy now is to find companies with little debt, ones that can, thus, withstand margin compression, and that have low historical P/E ratios due to recent stock declines.



Why Is Facebook Being Picked On?

The last thing I want to do is defend Facebook. I think Facebook, along with the Amazon and the Internet, in general, are destroying society.

But, the last place I look for or hope for truth is Facebook.

The real problem when it comes to fake data is the business review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor, and all the fake sites set up for business reviews and the chat rooms. This is where people actually do seek out facts and truth- but get lies, falsehoods, and vindictive data and feedback- as well as fake info. from businesses’ competitors.

A bigger concern is people believing fake comments and falsehood about businesses than them being persuaded to vote for someone based on a Facebook comment.

As far as overusing and missing data, it’s Facebook, but it’s also Google, which seems to track every move I make online and throws up ads everywhere I go about whatever I’ve previously searched.

Regardless, despite all their fake nonsense and phony agendas about making information free and bringing the world closer together- they are all all about money and probable couldn’t care less about anyone- which is why they’d see everyone replaced with robots if given their druthers.

Facebook Will Bring People Closer- But Not In The Way It Expected

Because of all the lying and fakeness- not only on Facebook, but on Yelp, TripAdvisor, and the Internet, in general- people more and more are learning to not go by things they read or see online, at all, but, again, life with people in their own social circles, make decisions based on the knowledge and feedback of their own minds and the people whom they know well, and to trust information only from people whom they know or observations they make for themselves. Facebook and the Internet is filled with crazy lunatics, unfettered anger, revenge, hatred, falsehoods and fake information and data. Facebook will help people become closer- by ignoring what they see, hear, and read from stranger on the Internet and on Facebook, and by trusting their own first-hand information, observations, and knowledge, and the thoughts and opinions of their closest people- or at the least- people whom they know or can identify.